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                                       Fall Facial Special

Escape and Rejuvenate Spa now offering great facial experiences

with our Texas Licienced Esthetician

Introductory Offer:

One hour Rejuvenating Facial for just $49.99!!

( Include a heavenly cleansing, exfoliation, toning

and light extraction, following by a relaxing face

and decollete massage and a refereshing mask, finish

with our exclusive organic facial cream that will

leave your skin nurished and hydrated)

Body Treatment Special:

90 min infrared body wraps is $99 (regular $129)

(incuding dead sea salt scrub and vichy shower)

 All specails for first time client only.

Day Spa Packages

bath & bodyworks

  This experience begins with an aromatherapy bath in one of our private whirlpool tubs followed

    by a relaxing one hour wellness massage.


spa essentials

    This combination of a private eucalyptus whirlpool bath, 45 minute massage, and a
    hot towel facial massage is essential for maintaining good health and wellness.



     Experience total bliss as you recharge and detox in our private steam "cocoon".
    Then, rejuvenate with a wonderful one hour wellness massage. 


body & sole

    Let us help you take a load off with our wonderful, pampering foot rejuvenation, a great
     way to treat your feet, followed by a one hour wellness massage.


back & body

     We've got your back with this one. This experience begins with a wonderful Dead Sea salt
     back scrub and mud back masque, followed by a gentle rinse in our Vichy shower and a
     one hour, invigorating deep tissue massage.


de-stress express

     This package begins with a peaceful herbal whirlpool bath, where you can allow your muscles
     and senses to begin to relax. Your bath is then followed by a one hour massage and a stimulating mini european facial massage. This is our most popular package for men and people on the go.


body, sole & mind

    Let us relax your mind with a sedating scalp massage.
     Then, let us take you away with a healing foot rejuvenation treatment followed by
     a one hour rejuvenating body massage. 



     Let us soothe away your stress with one of the most interesting spa therapies, hot stone
     massage. Stoneworks includes a soothing hot stone massage and an european facial massage.


escape and rejuvenate

    We begin your escape with an invigorating Dead Sea salt glow and mud body masque in our
     luxurious Vichy shower followed by a rejuvenating one hour massage and a
     pampering classic european facial massage. Allow two hours ten minutes for this package.


relax and escape

     This relaxing experience begins with a soothing foot rejuvenation followed by a rejuvenating
      and a one hour massage ending with an european facial massage and sedating scalp
     massage. Allow two hours and  fifteen  minutes.


the ultimate spa escape

    Begin your ultimate spa escape with an herbal whirlpool bath followed by a Dead Sea salt glow
     and a mud body masque in our luxurious Vichy shower followed by a healing foot rejuvenation.
     Spend a few quiet moments relaxing with an hour rejuvenating massage. End with a pampering european facial massage.
     Litter over three hours for all of the treatment.


Massage Therapy

thirty minute spot treatment

    For a quick, rejuvenating massage to one or two specific areas, this session can focus on
    your back, neck, arms, hands, legs, feet, or face.


one hour wellness

    Our most popular session, this complete body relaxation massage includes, in sequence,
    your back, neck, arms, hands, legs, feet, upper chest, shoulders, face, and scalp.


one and a half hour rejuvenation

  This session allows for a body massage as provided in the wellness massage, with extra time
    to concentrate on a trouble spot or two.


two hour bliss

  The ultimate in relaxation! This treatment works in a body massage as provided in the wellness 
    massage but in addition, allows time for more thorough and detailed work.


hot stone massage

   This wonderful, relaxing massage is a one hour wellness massage utilizing the therapist's skilled
    hands as well as heated stones to provide a very calming, warm, and nurturing massage.
    We use the stones in a strategic manner, following our hands with the warm stones to soothe
    your muscles and keep you warm throughout your session.                      
    $65 (one hour)          $105 (90min)
one hour - four hand

    For the muti-tasker in you or if you only have one hour, but really need two, this is just for you!
    Get as much work done on you as a two hour treatment in one hour with two therapists
    providing treatment at the same time.

Escape & Rejuvenate Signature Massage
deep tissue massage
     Deep tissue massage is for the massage guest who appreciates the skills of a massage
    therapist who can apply substantial pressure to your body during the massage. Deep tissue
    is a method of massage used to get in deep to work the deeper layers of muscle to lengthen
    and relax them. We also recommend this session for guests who don't want a full body
    massage but would rather have the therapist focus on only certain parts of the body.
    one hour - $65                 one and a half hour - $110              two hour - $135

trigger point massage
    Trigger point massage is one of the specialities of Escape & Rejuvenate. It is a technique
    which, when applied correctly by skilled hands, substantially helps to reduce aches and
    pains. We incorporate the important elements of relaxation massage, deep tissue massage,
    and trigger point massage to make your session as effective as possible. The sessions
    listed below are for general pain relief.
    one hour - $70               one and a half hour - $110               two hour - $135
manual lymphatic drainage
    This treatment reduces edema (swelling) caused by fluid retention, and reduces mild
    hematomas in the skin (bruises). It also increases the smooth functioning of the lymphatic
    system boosting immunity and improves circulation.
    one hour - $70             one and a half hour - $110

Specialized Services

pre-natal massage
    Massage is a perfect way to reduce stress and promote general well-being. During pregnancy  
    a mother's body undergoes many changes, many of them stressful and uncomfortable.
    Fortunately, the impact of massage therapy on preventing or minimizing many of these
    common discomforts is profound. Regular massage can make the difference between a
    comfortable, low-stress pregnancy, or one defined by miserable aches and pains. Massage
    therapy presents a unique experience of support and relaxation for pregnant women. A
    pre-natal massage provides soothing, nurturing touch combined with focused, individualized
    attention to the pregnant woman's physical and emotional concerns. This regular, caring
    contact can be a vital component of a pregnant woman's support system.
    one hour - $65          one and a half hour - $105

mother-to-be rejuvenation
    A much needed experience, this mother-to-be escape designed for expectant mothers who
    are in their second or third tri-mester includes a soothing foot rejuvenation treatment for
    those tired, achy feet, followed by a one hour pre-natal massage and a half hour facial massage.

couples massage (one of our most Popular treatments!)
     Enjoy your experience with us even more by sharing it with a loved one, friend, or
    significant other in our cozy couples room. Our couples massage experience includes 
    a one hour wellness massage for two.

couples escape
    This package for two includes a lavender Dead Sea salt body scrub in our luxurious Vichy
    shower, a one hour wellness massage, and a half hour facial massage in our cozy couples


Hydrating Facial

Dehydrated skin often shows dryness lines and wrinkles and appears exhausted. This hydrating

facial is suitable for All skin type. The intense boost of moisture leave you a moisturized, fresh,

and plump skin

$58  Fall Special: $49.99!

O2 Balancing

Lack of oxygenated skin often appears tired, pale, and gray as the oxygen distribution is not even.

A heavenly cleansing, exfoliation, toning, and light extraction, followed by a relaxing face and

décolleté massage and mask using exclusive oxygen cream will leave your skin nourished and

hydrated. It offers the skin a refreshing walk in the woods for a perfect, evenly distributed oxygen

supply and a fresh rosy complexion

$60 Fall Special: $49.99!

Enzyme Deep Pore Cleansing

Refreshingly designed to clear congested pores and provide an in-depth cleansing for problem skin.

Includes an enzyme and nutrient formulated mask to promote exfoliation, deep pore cleansing extraction

and restoration


Anti-Aging Golden Caviar Firming Facial

Lines and wrinkles are the visible signs of skin aging. To counteract the unwanted process of premature

and even chronological skin aging as early as possible, the skin needs specific support. The Golden Caviar

Treatment encourages the metabolism and microcirculation in the skin, reduces lines and wrinkles, and

pampers you until you becomes deeply relaxed. Body, soul, and mind often need a little bit of luxury.

Indulge your skin with richly textured, lavish caviar. The extract will restore your skin’s strength, vitality

and resilience. An exquisite and effective treatment for the ultimate luxurious experience


Executive Men’s Facial

Men have different skincare needs than women. This specially designed treatment for men includes cleanses,

exfoliates, tones and extracts. It helps you to achieve an executive look and feel, also will leave you a soft,

velvety smooth, and nourished skin with a fresh complexion

$58 Fall Special: $49.99!

Body Treatments

mud body masque with infrared therapy
    This skin detoxifying treatment is provided by hand. It begins with an invigorating Dead Sea
    salt glow. Various types of clay muds are mixed with warm water and essential oils and applied
    by hand to the body, then allowed to rest while your body is treated to the relaxing detoxification
    benefits of infrared therapy. We end your mud body masque by rinsing with a gentle rain from
    our Vichy shower. Allow fourty-five minute for a body mud masque. Due to skin sensitivities it is best not
    to shave twenty-four hours prior to this treatment.

mud back masque with infrared therapy
    This treatment, just for the back, is provided by hand beginning with an invigorating Dead Sea
    salt glow. Various types of clay muds are mixed with warm water and essential oils and applied
    by hand to the body, then allowed to rest while your body is treated to the relaxing detoxification
    benefits of infrared therapy. We end your mud back masque by rinsing with a gentle rain from
    our Vichy shower. Allow fifteen to twenty minutes for a mud back masque. Due to skin sensi-
    tivities it is best not to shave twenty four hours prior to this treatment.

las vegas treatment
   Our las vegas treatment starts with a twenty minute dead sea salt scrub in our luxurious Vichy
    shower followed by a forty minute massage.

dead sea salt glow
    Improve the texture and feel of your skin with this stimulating exfoliation treatment using our
    blend of Dead Sea salts and essential oils. This treatment is greatly enhanced because it is
    applied using the well skilled, highly sensitive hands of a massage therapist. Your body is then
    rinsed with the gentle rain of our Vichy shower. Allow twenty to thirty minutes for a Dead Sea
    salt glow. Available in your choice of aromatherapy. Due to skin sensitivites it is best not to
    shave twenty four hours prior to this treatment.

Hands & Feet

foot rejuvenation
    Begin this treat for your feet with a luxurious herbal soak and invigorating scrub. Your feet will
    then rest with hot stone therapy. This treatment will continue with your feet being wrapped
    in your choice of paraffin and ending with a moisturizing foot and lower leg massage. Allow
    forty five minutes for this treat for your feet.

foot reflexology
    Therapeutic reflexology of the feet.
    $1.50 per minute

    Paraffin has been used for many years to apply heat and moisturize the body. This treatment
    begins with a quick cleansing massage followed by the application of moisturizer to the treat-
    ment area. The area is then dipped in warm paraffin wax and alllowed to rest for five to ten
    minutes. The wax is then removed and the remaining moisturizer is massaged into the skin.
    Paraffin can be applied to the hands or feet.
    $28 per treatment area


private herbal whirlpool
    Escape from the hectic pace of life prior to your massage in one of our private whirlpool tubs
    while enjoying temperature controlled relaxation with aromatherapy. Allow fifteen to twenty
    minutes of relaxation for your whirlpool.

herbal steamy wonder

     Our one of a kind herbal steam wrap will envelope you in steam laden with essential oils. This
    allows your body to perspire more, opening up pores and detoxifying your body. Allow thirty
    minutes for an herbal steam wrap (actual time is fifteen to twenty minutes). Available in
    your choice of aromatherapy.
   To see all of the steam therapies available with this wonderful product
   please visit

Infrared Body Wrap

  Your body is heated from the inside out, as you relax in the gentle heat of
   the Inrared Body Wrap; your body is actually hard at work, producing sweat, pumping blood
   and burning calories. You lose not only water, but body fat also. Ifrared energy brings about
   an increase in the level of growth hormone that helps to maintain lean body tissue.
   one hour - $65                       90 min. w/Sudatonic Products - $129